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In order to digitally "meet" with us via FaceTime, you need to be using an Apple device — either an iPhone, an iPad, or a MacBook computer. If you don't have one of these devices, click here to return to the previous page and select "video chat."

It's okay if you've never used FaceTime before... Here's what to expect!

When you click the "Begin FaceTime" button below, you'll see a little window pop up that says "" and options to "Cancel" or "FaceTime." Click "FaceTime," and you will see yourself on video on your screen. We will answer your call, and then you'll see and hear us on your screen, too. When it's time to end the call, tap the screen and click the red circle with an "x" in it that says "end" in the bottom right corner.

When you're ready to chat, click the green "Begin FaceTime" button below!