Litigation Record

Examples of Civil Litigation Handled by James D. Skaar

Every case is unique, but the following is a summary of some of the litigation handled by James D. Skaar.

Case Name

(Our client in bold

Description of Case

Amount in Dispute


Federal Land Bank

v. Woloshin, et al.

Lender sued to recover farm loan; Defendants, who were attorneys, raised
“lender liability,” fraud and a variety of other defenses.



Motion for Summary Judgment for Plaintiff granted for the full amount.

Oro International, Inc.

v. Estelle Walker

Claim for breach of contract and fraud; Defendant denied she had anything to
do with the business in dispute.


$670,000 Judgment entered for Plaintiff when Defendant withdrew her defenses
on the day of trial.

Miller v. City of St. Charles and Northern Ill. Gas Co.

Lady fell while rollerblading on broken sidewalk, suffering fractured wrist
and other injuries.


City dismissed on Motion for Summary Judgment (w/o trial).

Arnold v. Southern Lumber Co.

Former salesman sued for commissions he claimed were due him.


Settled for $7,500

Haws v. Community Contacts, Inc.

Plaintiff sought damages from Defendant for breaches of several construction


Lawsuit dismissed on Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

Siegle’s v. City of St. Charles

Siegle’s blamed City of St. Charles, Kane County and NWRR for severe
flooding problems.


+ injunction

Motion to Dismiss City of St. Charles from lawsuit granted; case against
other defendants went forward.

Melrose Park Bank v. CLC Lubricants, Inc.

Owner of land sued prior tenant for costs to clean up contaminated soil.


Plaintiff-owner forced to drop case before trial for a second time because
Plaintiff’s expert witness was shown to be a fraud.


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